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DoubleH3lix (iOS 10-10.3.3)

Just when you thought the jailbreak scene couldn’tinstall jailbreak become anyinstall jailbreak more saturated with abundance of install jailbreaktools, Tihmstar, the developer behind the h3lix jailbreak for 32-bit devices running iOS 10.3.3, has install jailbreak now updated that experience and is offering the doubleH3lix package as a liberator of 64-bit devices also running iOS 10.3.3.

The jailbreak for 64-bit install jailbreak is known as doubleH3lix to avoid install jailbreak confusing it with h3lix and its arrival install jailbreak means that we now have doubleH3lix, Meridian, and G0blin jailbreaks to choose from should install jailbreak you wish to install jailbreak liberate a 64-bit device running Apple’s final public version of iOS 10.3.x.

DoubleH3lix (iOS 10-10.3.3 INSTALL)


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